Vehicle_Sync_Graphic_450px_x_350pxVehicle Sync

Users with vehicles that are equipped with a combination of the FmX® integrated display and a DCM-300 modem with a simple unlock can allow vehicles to share guidance lines, coverage mapping, point/area/line features, as well as the vehicle icons of other operating units within a field.

Operators or managers no longer need a USB drive to move the data from one unit to another during critical operating times of the year. This improves operational efficiency and accuracy with up-to-date information being shared in real-time.


  • Prevents over application of seed or other inputs when more than one operator is farming in the same field
  • Saves time by eliminating the USB drive for transferring guidance lines or other data between vehicles
  • Simplifies communication during harvest with grain carts and combines

Requirements for Each Vehicle:

  • Trimble® FmX® integrated display
  • Vehicle Sync Unlock
  • Trimble DCM-300 modem
  • High gain Wi-Fi antenna kit