Free Trial Version

Field_RecordsInstall from your cd or download a free trial version of Mapping office software from Downloads. When prompted during the install wizard, please select the “Trial Version” option. The Mapping software can be installed to your desktop computer and used for 15 days. Please note that the 15 days of use are based on actual days using the software and not the number of days installed. If you do not run the software for several days these days will not count toward the 15 day trial use. For this trial an internet connection is necessary to open the program.

You may stop the trial use at any time by purchasing “Software Product Codes” for the program. Each time you run the software you will have an option to enter the software codes to gain unlimited access to the software. No data is lost after the expiration of the trial version. If you purchase the software and enter the software code after the expiration, all of your data will be available for use. Software codes may be purchased by using one of the options below.

1.  Pressing the ‘Downloads’ button above
2.  Contacting Practical Precision at 1-519-655-3555