MappingThe software provides both basic and advanced layering functionality while maintaining a complete field record keeping system. Flexible to handle multiple types of hardware solutions, Farm Works Mapping allows you to make management decisions from yield data, soil types, soil test results, hybrids, and more.

The Mapping software can integrate with the Accounting software to provide one comprehensive management solution for your farm.


  • Guidance Line Integration for Trimble & CNH:There is now a single layer for “Guidance Lines” for each field. Guidance lines from supported devices are all added to this layer when they are imported via Read Job Data (or Connected Farm). You can also edit this layer and manually create, edit and delete any guidance line. When you use Write Job Data to a supported device, the lines on these layers that work with the selected device will be sent out. With 2013, support devices are Trimble (FmX, CFX & EZGuide 500)and CNH devices (Pro600, 700, & Intelliview).
  • Enterprise Statement Quick Click:Available in Mapping and/or Accounting for quick access to the field enterprise statement reports through the client/farm/field interface.
  • Additional Support for Trimble’s CFX-750™ Display:CFX-750 display version 3.0 or later is now supported using the Mapping software. The attributes appear in the Job Summary report and can be edited using the Notes button in the Job Properties dialog.
  • Support for Reading CNH Trip Computer Data:Added support for reading CNH Trip Computer Data. This gives additional attributes that can be used for displaying maps. These are listed in the “Views” area and include Engine Load, Engine Power, Fuel Usage, Fuel Economy, PTO Load, Slip, and Transmission Load.
  • Added Support for Reading CNH Forage Yield Data:When reading CNH Forage Yield data the software will add the total and average yield to the job properties and create a yield map.
  • Added Option to Read from CNH Data Vault:Read Job Data has an option under Case and New Holland to read from the Data Vault. This option can be used to read all of the data from the previous AFS (and SMS) software. This option will read all of the Cn1 folders that are located under the folder you select.
  • Fixed Problem with Yield by Variety Report :Note that in some instances, you may need to find the “Variety Map” in the tree-view on the left and right-click on it and select “Refresh” to get it to properly show up on the Yield by Variety Report. This would only be necessary once.

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