GreenSeeker in Corn

Greenseeker in Wheat

GreenSeeker on Golf Course Mower

GreenSeeker for Vineyards


Optimize Your Input Dollars and Profit!

The GreenSeeker system applies the RIGHT AMOUNT of Nitrogen at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME, increasing yield and reducing Nitrogen input expense!  Differences in plant vigor are consistently measured by the GreenSeeker system so that the plants receive the exact amount of fertilizer they need to thrive.

  • Compatible with most variable rate controllers and delivery systems.
  • Application rates are automatically adjusted based on plant needs as the sprayer/spreader travels across the field.
  • Allows for on-the-fly zone management and mapping.
  • Eliminate the need for application maps or agronomist recommendations.
  • Operate day or night, and in fog or clouds.


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    Crops Greenseeker can be used to help scout and manage a variety of crops.
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