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SoilOptix® – Digital High-Resolution Top Soil Mapping System

“Look at Your Soil Like you never have before” with 15+ High Resolution maps!

Here at Practical Precision, we believe that everything starts with the soil.  In order to capture the full potential of their field, growers need to know what the soil is naturally providing them with.  With SoilOptix®, growers get the most in-depth analysis of their soil with the equivalent of 330 sample points per acre.  SoilOptix® gives growers a deeper understanding of the variability in the fertility as well as the textural-based properties of their soil.

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  • A Full MRI for your Soil!

    A Full ‘MRI’ for your Soil! Sample of High Resolution pH Map (Left) and the resulting High Resolution VRA Lime Map (Right)   Sample of all the High Resolution Maps...
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