360 Y-Drop™

Advanced Fertilizer Placement Application System

Changing how Agriculture applies Nutrients!


  • New 360 Y-Drop™/UnderCOVER™ Design

    New 360 Y-Drop™/UnderCOVER™ Design  
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  • 360 UnderCOVER™

    Eliminate late-season disease and insect infestations!   360 UnderCOVER™ Attachment Each unit is equipped with 6 multi-directional spray nozzles 360 UnderCOVER™ mounts to 360 Y-Drop™ 360 UnderCOVER™ allows for vertical...
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  • 360 Y-Drop™ Press Releases

    360 Y-Drop™ Press Releases Check Out These Press Releases For Information On 360 Y-Drop™ {{Download YDrop™ as a Fertilization Tool}} {{6 Things You Need to Know About Nitrogen in Your...
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  • Product Features/Benefits

    360 Y-Drop™ creates Value by: Applying Insecticides in Row Crops Applying Fertilizer in crops from V5 to R4 Insecticide Appilcations: Proper timing of complimentary insecticide applications expand insect protection with...
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