360 Y-Drop™ creates Value by:

  • Applying Insecticides in Row Crops
  • Applying Fertilizer in crops from V5 to R4

Insecticide Appilcations: Proper timing of complimentary insecticide applications expand insect protection with seed hybrids guaranteeting a longer window of insect protection increasing research yields over 10 bushel/acre.

Consistent Crops: Variable Rate complimentary fertilization behind conventional fertilization systems creates consistency over every acre or more bushels per unit. An excellent compliment to the GreenSeeker technology.


GreenSeeker Plus 360 Y-Drop™ = The Ultimate Sidedress System!

The Right Amount of The Right Product in The Right Place at The Right Time!

Decreased Costs: For the producer that is concerned about efficiency and is happy with their operation per unit yield, 360 Y-Drop™ will be a tool to minimize fertilization and maintain yields because of specific placement of nutrients and timing of the placement.

Increased Yields: For the producer that needs to increase their per unit yields 360 Y-Drop™ will be the tool that can compliment your management system by utilizing increased fertilization more efficiently by specific timing and placement of additional fertilization.


Value is created by:

  • Timed response by placing nutrients right over the crop root zone:  Additional nutrition increases yields
  • 100% plant root exposureNutrition does not have to move very far to feed plants especially during dry season
  • Increased application window: Gain more control with full season application, and ensure the timely feeding of your crop to capture more yield potential
  • Feeds plants not residue360 Y-Drop™ places liquids in the residue clean area close to the plant not on the previous years residue
  • Utilizes Mass Flow and Diffusion especially during dry seasons:  In dry seasons moisture from a heavy dew or light rain helps nutrients placed by  360 Y-Drop™ become available
  • 360 Y-Drop™ is Green:  360 Y-Drop™ follows Iowas NRCS requirements in protecting ground water from over application of fertilizer
  • Decreases Fertilization amounts:  Nitrogen rates can be reduced below 1.2 units per bushel and still maintain yields
  • Increases Yields:  Additional potassium along with rainfall increases bean yields if placed with 360 Y-Drop™ close to the crop row
  • Mounts on any type of sprayer or bar:  360 Y-Drop™ can be mounted on almost any spray application machine
  • Variable rate capacities:  Manual Variable Rate or Industry supported Variable Rate technologies are adaptable to 360 Y-Drop™ creating consistent fields
  • Easy Instillation:  After the initial installation the 360 Y-Drop™ Bar can be removed from the sprayer or reinstalled generally in less than 10 minutes

View our YouTube video of YDrop in action in corn and soybeans: