New 360 Y-Drop™/UnderCOVER™ Design


New 360 UnderCOVER™ Shell


New Nose

New Boot - Mounted

The shape of the new 360 Y-Drop™ nose glides through the canopy, ensuring minimal disruption.




Drag Hose Updates

Boot - Rear


Angle connector which connects the Y-Drop arm to the hose, assists with centering the unit in the row for reliable nitrogen placement.



 Adjustable Arms

New Boot - Overhead Open Wing

New adjustable arms with quick release pins allow for different row spacings (20″ – 30″) with the same system.  The new arms ensure optimal nitrogen placement to the stalk.



360 UnderCOVER™


Updated Nozzles

Undercover Rear

With 4 Multi-directional nozzles, 360 UnderCOVER™ delivers fungicides, insecticides, and nutrition products with bottom-up spraying for improved coverage and crop protection.  Choose which nozzle suits you best to apply the volume you want at the speed and pressure you select.



New 360 UnderCOVER™ Shell

360 UnderCOVER new casing

The new shell allows for smooth navigation through the rows while travelling at spray speeds.  The durable housing protects the nozzles from any possible damage and the easy-to-use release mechanism is great for quick up/down adjustment for precise targeting.